Class 1 – Mandatory Entry Level Training Program (MELT)

Class 1 – Mandatory Entry Level Training Program (MELT)

Class 1 – Mandatory Entry Level Training Program (MELT)


As of March 1, 2019, Alberta Transportation and the Government of Alberta have implemented Mandatory Entry Level Training Programs for Class 1.

This MELT program consists of:

40.5 hours of Classroom Training (air brakes does not apply to these hours)

72.5 hours of In-Yard and Behind the Wheel Training.

Total Training Hours: 113

$9,950.00 (GST included)


The minimum learning or licensing age for a Class 1 vehicle is 18 years. Probationary drivers may not apply for a Class 1 license. The bearer of a Class 1 license may operate any of the following:

* Any motor vehicle or combination of vehicles other than a motorcycle.

The benefits of Class 1 driver training are:

  1. Reduced risk
  2. Increased confidence
  3. Reduced stress levels
  4. Passing information to family and friends
  5. Greater awareness of the individual’s responsibility with regard to other road users
  6. Reduced insurance claims

Prerequisites for the program are as follows:

  • Alberta Class 5 (non-GDL) license or higher
  • Driver’s medical exam
  • Completed air brake course

* The Alberta Air Brake Endorsement course is included at no charge if you take your driver training with Wheels On.

The MELT program consists of 10 Modules:

  1. Employment in the Trucking Industry
  2. Vehicle Components and Systems
  3. Basic Driving Techniques 
  4. Professional Driving Habits
  5. Off Road Tasks and Maneuvers 
  6. Documents, Paperwork and Regulatory Requirements
  7. Vehicle Inspection Activities
  8. Hours of Service Compliance
  9. Cargo Securement and Loss Prevention
  10. Handling Emergencies


Please contact Wheels On at 403-343-2799 to inquire or to register. 


The next program start date is September 14, 2022.


Hourly refreshment training is available at $120.00 per hour.

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