Class 3 Driver Training

Class 3 Driver Training

Class 3 Driver Training


The minimum learning or licensing age for a Class 3 vehicle is 18 years. Probationary drivers may not apply for a Class 3 license. The bearer of a class 3 license may operate any of the following:

  1. Any motor vehicle that the holder of a Class 5 license may operate.
  2. A vehicle with 3 or more axles
  3. A vehicle with 3 or more axles towing a trailer if the trailer is not equipped with air brakes
  4. Class 2 or 4 type vehicles without passengers

The benefits of Class 3 driver training are:

  1. Reduced risk
  2. Increased confidence
  3. Reduced stress levels
  4. Passing information to family and friends
  5. Greater awareness of the individual’s responsibility with regard to other road users
  6. Reduced insurance claims

Obtaining a Class 3 Driver’s license is a 5-step program:

Step 1 Class 3 written exam (done at any Alberta Registries Agent) Approximately $17.00
Step 2 Alberta Air Brake Endorsement*  *
Step 3 Driver Training PACKAGE** $1,850.00
Step 4 Class 3 road test Approximately $160.00
Step 5 Change license to Class 3 (done at any Alberta Registries Agent). Approximately $70.00
* The Alberta Air Brake Endorsement course is included at no charge if you take you driver training with Wheels On.
** Class 3 Driver Training Package includes up to 12 hours in the classroom, and 16 hours of truck time (this includes 14.5 hours of driver training and 1.5 hours for the road test).

The Class 3 Driver training covers the following:

  1. Pre & Post Trip Inspections
  2. Off Highway Driving Techniques
  3. AB Air Brake Endorsement
  4. Use of Tractor Unit for Road Test
  5. Pre-Trip Inspections
  6. Rules & Regulations of the Road

We continually update our Driver Training to meet or exceed Federal and Provincial standards.

Please call Wheels On at 403-343-2799 to inquire about hourly training rates or to book.

** pricing subject to change due to fluctuating fuel prices

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