Fire Extinguisher (Basic)

Fire Extinguisher (Basic)

Fire Extinguisher (Basic)



Course Outline:

  1. Hazard Assessment: In this module they will learn to assess the areas of potential fire, look at preventing a fire and awareness of the processes that will be required if there is a fire.
  2. The Fire triangle and Tetrahedron: The understanding of how a fire ignites and general concepts using the theories of the triangle and tetrahedron.
  3. The Phases of Fire: recognizing the phases of fire will give a person the upper edge of how to handle it.
  4. Sources of Ignition:  Sources of ignition are everywhere do we realize how serious this can be?
  5. Extinguishing the Fire: Important information on the necessities of extinguishing the fire will be covered in this module.
  6. Types of Fires:  A closer look at the types of fires.
  7. The Fire Extinguisher:  The different types of fire extinguishers will be clarified in this module.
  8. Locations and specifications: Here the student will get definition where the fire extinguisher should be placed and understanding the fire extinguisher and its specifications

This basic course is designed to meet the fire extinguisher requirements of IRP 18, and takes approximately 4 hours to complete.

The practical portion requires the students extinguish a gas flame (using the simulator device) with water extinguishers. Each student is expected to perform this effectively.

Coveralls, gloves and boots are recommended.

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