Hazard Assessment


Purpose of Course:  Provide an insight to the benefits of conducting Hazard Assessments and an introduction to the methodologies utilized to assess hazards.

Length of Course:  1 day (6 hours); Theory-Based Course

Class Time:  8 am to 3 pm   2 x 15 min Breaks    60 min- Lunch Break

Topics to be discussed:

  • Understand the benefits and available tools in order to provide the knowledge to conduct hazard assessments.
  • Explain the purpose of hazard assessments.
  • Recognize hazards in your work area.
  • Identify key steps in conducting a hazard assessment.
  • Apply some basic control measures.

Course applications:

Identify workplace hazards and implement controls.

Industry application: (Types of industries/jobs where this  training is used)

All industries are subject to hazards in the workplace

Benefits of training: 

Reduction of incidents/accidents involving workplace hazards.

Additional Comments: 

The course material can be modified to address specific workplace hazards.

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