Hours of Service for Auditors

Hours of Service for Auditors

Hours of Service for Auditors


13Course Name: Hours of Service Log Book Auditor Course

**Prerequisite: Either our Federal or Provincial Hours of Service must be completed within 6 months on enrolling in this Hours of Service for Auditors course.

Course Duration: 4-6 hours depending on the needs of the company(s). The prerequisite for the course will be completion within the previous 6 months of either a Federal or Provincial hours of Service course. Upon successful completion of this course the auditor is issued with a training certificate valid for 3 years. At certain times of the year courses fill quickly and it is recommended to pre-book a minimum of 1 week in advance of the expected course date.

Learning Objectives:

Hours of Service Review

  • NSC Standard #9
  • Federal Hours of Service
  • Provincial Hours of Service
  • Oil Well Service Permit

Log Completion

  • Daily Log Requirements
  • Daily Grid

Audit Responsibilities

  • Drivers
  • Company
  • Auditor
  • NSC Auditor

Audit Documentation

  • Completed driver’s log data
  • Auditor Report
  • Record Maintenance

Audit Follow Up

  • Driver
  • Company

Example Review

  • Review Sample Logs and Audit




Issuance of Certificate:

Certificates are issued to successful students who obtain a minimum of 80% on the written exam.

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