Hours of Service (PROVINCIAL)

Hours of Service (PROVINCIAL)

Hours of Service (PROVINCIAL)


Provincial Hours of Service and Fatigue Management

This course takes approximately 4 hours to complete depending on the needs of the company and/or driver(s). Upon successful completion of this course the employee is issued with a training certificate valid for 3 years. At certain times of the year courses fill quickly and it is recommended to pre-book a minimum of 1 week in advance of the expected course date.

This course cover the Provincial guidelines for driver’s traveling inside Alberta only.  If the driver will be required to drive outside of Alberta for work, please see our Federal Hours of Service.

Learning Objectives:

  • Overview
  • Sleeper Berth Usage by Teams and Single drivers
  • Fatigue and the Human Biological Clock
  • Permits
  • Recognizing Fatigue
  • Emergency and Adverse Driving Conditions
  • Interpretation and Definitions
  • Radius Record Requirements
  • Responsibilities of Motor Carriers, Shippers, Consignees, and Others
  • Monitoring of Driver’s Compliance by Motor Carriers
  • Responsibilities of driver’s safety officers, dispatchers, and managers
  • Carrier’s policies/procedures that may be beyond regulatory requirements.
  • Required Off-Duty Time
  • Enforcement (on road and administrative)
  • Limitations on Driving and On-duty times
  • Scheduling and dispatching
  • Cycles, if applicable
  • Carrier internal monitoring to determine if the programs are effective.
  • Daily Log Requirements

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