Loader Safety Training

Loader Safety Training

Loader Safety Training


Offered on-site only. Please call for pricing.

Loader Safety course is a one day program.

The Loader course will provide participants with information at an awareness level.  Its primary purpose is to assist the participant with the operation of a front end loader to prevent future incidents.

  • Understand the necessity of completing operator training prior to operating a loader
  • Identify the standard components of a loader
  • Understand the operating controls of a loader
  • Identify loader weights and design characteristics
  • Understand the speed limitations and hazards
  • Be able to identify data plates and decals for a loader
  • Identify and understand the uses of the loader safety equipment
  • Understand the handling of fuels, batteries and emergencies when working with a loader
  • Comprehend the fundamentals of loader operation
  • Complete an operator’s daily inspection

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