Safety Management Services

HSE Management Consulting – Work with a company to provide additional support to their existing HSE personnel on a call out process to assist in the implementation of the company’s HSE program. This would be based on a daily rate as needed required.

Transportation Compliance Management – Provide support and direction to a company to assist in meeting their NSC compliance requirements.

Custom HSE and Transportation Manual Development – would be tailored to meet legislative requirements as well identify specific policies and procedures reflecting the company’s activities and process. Additional ISN compliance modules could be provided if required. Each manual would be designed for employee participation as well customer requirements.

ISN/Complyworks Management Services – are available to monitor compliance and provide support in maintaining the data bases as required.

Site Specific Hazard Assessments of oilfield operations – would include a visit to a worksite or facility and an observation of activities or equipment. The assessment would be focused on not only health, safety and environment hazards, but also on work procedures and employee observations. The completed assessment would provide the employer with a detailed report identifying the hazards, recommended control measures, and a risk assessment based on a risk matrix.

Accident/Incident Investigations (worksite or vehicular) – would be completed utilizing site observations and employee interviews based on the company’s policies and procedures as well current legislative directives. Recommendations would be provided to eliminate the possibility of a reoccurrence. The completed report would be made available to the company president or delegate for their internal follow-up.

Contractor Assessments – can be completed on a contractor currently working for a company or being review for future considerations. The assessment would confirm the contractor’s legislative compliance, safety program review, safe work policies and procedures, as well an assessment as to the contractor’s ability to comply with the company’s policies and procedures.Hazard Operability – Studies utilizes a proven process that first identifies all work activities that the company may undertake, identifies what could happen as a result of the activity, identifies control measures to eliminate or reduce the hazard, identifies what controls are currently being utilized, leaving a list of hazards that controls are needed. A detailed list of recommendations as well as a risk ranking would be developed and provided to the company. Note this process is time consuming and requires the assistance of management and employees in the process.

Environmental Consulting – can be provided to identify hazardous environmental conditions and if required additional specific assistance could be provided to conduct Phase I or II assessments or follow-up remediation as needed.