Oilfield Driver Awareness (ODA)

Oilfield Driver Awareness (ODA)

Oilfield Driver Awareness (ODA)


Oilfield Driver Awareness (ODA)

Guided by the six industry associations, the decision was made to combine the information from the General Oilfield Driver Improvement (GODI) and Light Duty Vehicle (LDV) courses into one course – Oilfield Driver Awareness (ODA).

The Energy Safety Canada Oilfield Driver Awareness course is focused on developing effective driver behavior and attitudes, helping drivers maintain an attitude of safety when they are behind the wheel. The updated material has less emphasis on technical driving instruction.


The course material will cover the following:

  •  Developing a professional driving attitude
  •  Understanding and dealing with personal limitations (physical and mental well-being)
  •  Driving proactively – how to be an defensive driver
  •  Responding to changing road conditions
  •  Planning for the journey
  •  Controlling exposure to hazards
  •  Developing Emergency Response Plans
  •  Performing safety inspections


If an individual currently holds a valid General Oilfield Driver Improvement or Light Duty Vehicle certificate no action is required. Once their certificate expires they will be required to take the new Oilfield Driver Awareness program.

Students with an Alberta Driver’s License receiving 80% or better on the written examination are eligible for a reduction of up to three demerit points from their driver’s license from Alberta Transportation through any Alberta registries agent.  The demerit reduction process for the new course will remain the same as it was for the General Oilfield Driver Improvement or Light Duty Vehicle certificate.

**The slip to remove demerits is issued and mailed out by Energy Safety Canada, and may take up to 90 days to receive.

Note: Course starts at 8:00 a.m. sharp. Students who are late may be refused admission.  Please bring your driver’s license to the course.

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