Blended Standard First Aid CPR/AED

Blended Standard First Aid CPR/AED

Blended Standard First Aid CPR/AED


Canadian Red Cross core First Aid & CPR courses offer lifesaving first aid
skills. All courses cover cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) for adults,
children, and babies (according to the level of CPR included). Courses meet
legislation requirements for provincial/territorial worker safety and insurance
boards. Courses offer skills for individuals needing training for the
workplace or for those interested in having first aid skills so they can
respond to emergencies at home.
The blended program requires students to complete the online theory component prior to the skills assessment with the instructor. The online component can be completed at home, and the skills assessment must be booked at the time of registration.
8 hours online learning
7.5 hours teaching time
Completion Criteria:
• Ability to comprehend and successfully demonstrate all required skills, including
critical care steps
• Participants must attend and participate in 100% of the course

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